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How do I use VitSpritz products?

    Step 1: Open the lid
    Step 2: Spray into your mouth and swallow
    Step 3: Have a great day!

    Can I take a combination of VitSprtitz products?

      Absolutely! We made them that way so they support your individual daily needs.

      Is there a best time of the day to take my VitSpritz?

        VitSpritz supplements have been designed for you to take anytime, anwhere. While it is not necessary to take them with a meal, many nutrients are best absorbed and utilised when they are ingested with food.

        Are VitSpritz suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans?

        All our range is suitable for Vegetarians and the B12 is also suitable for Vegans.

        Where are VitSpritz made?

        Our range is expertly manufactured in the UK in accordance with legal regulations and quality control.

        Which VitSpritz are okay to give my children?

        We have 2 specific Junior products suitable for children Ages 3+ to help give your little one’s a wellness boost: Junior D3 and Junior Multivit

        Are VitSpritz sugar-free?

        Yes, we use a sweetener (Sucralose) to flavour our products.

        Can I still take VitSpritz if I’m pregnant or breastfeeeding?

        The adult multivit contains Vitamin A so we advise not taking these if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or likely to become pregnant, except on the advice of your doctor or antenatal clinic.

        Can I take VitSpritz if I’m on medication?

        If you have a medical condition or are on medication please seek the advise of a qualified healthcare professional before using.

        Is VitSpritz packaging recyclable?

        Absolutely! All of our components can be recycled, although you may need to check with your local council/borough on the pump as some recycling facilities do not accept these.

        How should I store my VitSpritz?

        We recommend you store them in a cool, dry place at room temperature.

        How long are VitSpritz products good for?

        VitSpritz products expire 18 months from the date at which they were manufactured, which is clearly labelled on the bottle.  Vitamins and minerals naturally break down over time. Therefore, while the products are still active and safe to take, we do not guarantee their potency.